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Philosophy & Mission

“Quality, Convenience and Joy are what
we value most.”

We bring the best to consumers by being consumers. All our premium brands represent purity, excellence and value. Convenience, Quality and Joy are what we value most for those we provide for. We dedicate ourselves to bringing simply the highest quality products to your doorstep.

About US

New England Herbal Foods, L.L.C. (NEHF) was created in 2003 by two young entrepreneurs in Boston, Massachusetts. As American consumers, they witnessed a growing trend of culture fusion in the food industry, happening in all the major cities of the U.S. There was a continually growing demand for exotic products, such as Asian foods prepared in a western fashion.

People's lifestyles have changed. More and more, convenient premium-level products are demanded by professional consumers. This is the driving force of the birth of NEHF, and the underlying philosophy behind our products.